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The Aerodium was designed and built 1984 in Germany. It is the only wind tunnel of its kind in the world.

Scott Albuschkat is the inventor and creator of this attraction. Patents are issued world wide.

Sponsored by the teenager magazine "Bravo", the Aerodium spread the excitement of the new sport " Strömungsfliegen " 1986 in Europe. Press and television coverage were unprecedented.

Action Park in Vernon N.J. was the first American amusement park to introduce the Aerodium 1987 to its patrons and since the "Ride on Air " continued to attract an audience, the rental contract for the Aerodium had been extended until 1990.

From 1991 until 1997 Aerodium Inc. had been operating as a concessionaire at Action Park and this sums the up the 10 year operating history at Action Park.

State Fairs

During Action Parks "off season" we performed successfully at a few other events.

In May 1990 Fernandez Shows and the "Honolulu Jaycees" contracted the Aerodium as the main attraction for the 50th State Fair. As a result of the Aerodium performance, the attendance at the fair was up by 10% from 1989.

In October 93 we received the "Gold Medal " award from the Oklahoma State Fair, for the "most unique new entertainment" at the fair grounds.

During the month of Feb/March 1994 the Aerodium was the most frequented attraction at the Puerto Rico State Fair in San Juan.

The show of flying Aerobats

The Aerodium has been designed as a facility for thrilling shows. Well trained artists perform up to two shows per hour (each show about 10 minutes), demonstrating for amazed spectators perfect flying up to 40 feet height.

You have to watch the Aerodium video tape to understand the excitement of the spectators during a show.

How do people participate

Between the shows the public can give flying a try and experience the feeling of skydiving without the chances, that a parachute doesn't open up.

First time flyers are put through a brief introductory training session to familiarize them with the operation of the Aerodium.

Dressing up for take off, a participant first puts on a helmet, goggles and a jump suit. There are folds on the flight suit that provide the added surface area for the air stream to lift a person to heights over 40 feet.

The participant then walks out onto the trampoline net into the middle of the air stream and holds his arms and legs outstretched for the wind to lift him into
the air.

Once flying, a person uses slight body movements to control their direction and height in the air stream.

A trainer assists the participants inside the wind tunnel. An operator monitors the action, controls the airspeed and also the flight height of each trainee.

As a safety measure the flight height for participants from the audience is limited to 12 feet.


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